My knitting essentials - Craftworks Baby.

I've always loved making things, and now create garments and accessories especially for babies and children.

Knowing how to knit, sew and make your own clothes is no longer a necessity.

In a world where you can update your wardrobe at any time, for little more than a few pounds, I think it's even more important not to forget the value of the handmade. Until I created Craftworks, my very supportive family have been the only recipients of my work, now I'm excited to be able to share what I make with other families. 

I love simple designs, minimal fuss and muted tones, and most of the items I create follow this aesthetic. However, I am rather partial to a cool print from time to time. 

You can find my creations over on my Etsy shop, which I update regularly. You can also connect with me over on my Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest accounts to find out more about me and Craftworks Baby. 


About Me

I'm Lauren and I live in Reading with my husband and our rescue cat Bob, who spends the majority of his time in his basket looking at us with distain.

I've always been a maker - whether that's been scrapbooks or jewellery. I can't imagine not being busy with some project or other and all the items in my store are made with lots of love and care. 

Now I focus on sewing and knitting too, and as well as making items for Craftworks Baby, I like to make and customise clothes for myself.