My Top 9 Favourite Podcasts

what's your favourite podcast?

I’m a podcast convert, and since ‘Serial’ pretty much invented the podcast, so are many other people.

I listen to them in traffic, in the bath, while I’m cleaning the house, when I’m in the gym (those rare occasions when I actually go), while I’m making something, pretty much any time when watching something on a screen is difficult.

I know some people just don’t get on with podcasts, but as I’m the type of person who finds it difficult to truly relax, they are a great way to multi-task. Listening to something informative or funny, whilst doing something practical, though perhaps boring, makes it just a bit more interesting.

A few friends have asked me for some podcast recommendations recently, so I thought I’d put together a list of my favourite podcasts to listen to, for the crafty and the non-crafty.

So let’s start with the crafty shall we?


Seamwork Radio

I find Seamwork really inspiring. It’s created by the makers of Colette Patterns, who also run the magazine Seamwork, and each episode they interview a maker, designer or artist from the sewing world to find out about their experiences in the industry.

They talk about everything from money, to relationships and gender and have guests like Gretchen Jones off of Project Runway and Heather Lewenza from Closet Case files.


Pomcast from Pom Pom Quarterly

If you’re in to knitting, you’ve probably already come across the magazine Pom Pom Quarterly, set up by Meghan, Lydia and Amy. Their podcast is an extension of the magazine and the group talk in-depth about what they’re making, what patterns they’ve been using and they always have a great guest to share some insights into the world of knitting and knitwear businesses.


The Little Tailoress Podcast

Little tailoress

Ami Lowden is someone I’ve followed (on social media, not in real life!) for a long time now. I think I first came across her blog about 7 years ago while I was at university and her vintage-style, tutorials and reviews inspired me to try and make a garment for myself, which led me down the path of knitting and sewing. Cheers Ami! Her podcast focuses on both knitting and sewing, and she also gives us a bit of an insight into her day to day life, her beautiful home and baby and her inspiration for the lovely yarn and project bags she makes and sells.

The podcast is visual and available on her YouTube channel, and I’d thoroughly recommend.

Podcasts for business inspiration…


Small and Mighty

I’ve just started listening to this podcast and I’m finding it really inspiring. It’s run by Sam of Social Mouth, who is a social media coach. In her podcasts she interviews experts in the field of small business, like Holly Tucker of Not On The High Street (which was a particularly great episode). Personally, I think her questions are really insightful, and the advice her and her guests offer is not just inspirational, but stuff you can actually take action on. 


Being Boss

Being Boss

It wasn’t until I listened to this podcast about 3 years ago that I realised that what I wanted to do in my career more than anything was to be my own boss one day, making money out of being creative. Now that I have just launched my small Etsy shop, I realise how much I learnt about the ins and outs of running a small business from Emily and Kathleen of Being Boss. They are straight-talking, insightful and real, and they also invite some brilliant guests.


How to Curate Your Life

This is another fairly new podcast that I’ve started listening to recently, made by Lizzie Evans. She’s a creative entrepreneur and interviews various other creative entrepreneurs on a regular basis, getting their advice on how to manage work and life, when for many people in that industry, work and life are intrinsically linked

I really enjoy hearing successful people’s stories about how they got to where they are now, i.e successful, especially when they are in a field similar to mine. What I don’t enjoy hearing about is the people who achieved success over night, and made a million off their first launch – I like hearing about the trials and tribulations and that’s why How to Curate Your Life does it for me.

Just for fun…


Answer Me This

OK, if you’re looking for something to listen to that’s going to make you laugh on your commute to work, or give you a 40 minute respite on a bad day, I really recommend giving Answer Me This a go. It’s hosted by Olly and Helen, and Martin, and each episode they answer various questions that their listeners send in, in their own comedic fashion. Anything, from ‘How do I deal with my office nemesis, who brings in shop-bought cakes that she pretends to make herself?’ to ‘What are the lyrics to Despacito’.  



Unexplained podcast

This one is perhaps a tad weird, but it’s one I find strangely gripping. Each episode the narrator focuses on a particular story in history, or supernatural phenomenon that has never been fully explained (hence the title). I’m not really someone who particularly believes in the supernatural, but it’s still something I find really interesting.


No Such Thing as a Fish

Think QI, without Stephen Fry or famous comedians, that’s what you get in No Such Thing as a Fish. It’s run by the ‘elves’ (researchers), behind the scenes of QI, and they come to their podcast each time armed with various interesting facts that they then talk about. I find it really funny and have passed many a drive to work learning about buildings corroding due to dog’s peeing on them, and the world of ferret racing.

coffee break - Craftworks Baby

There are a lot of other’s I’ve listened to and enjoyed over the last year, including Serial (who hasn’t?) S-Town, The Debrief Podcast, Seth Godin’s Start Up School, Welcome to Nightvale and Get Wed (back when I was planning my wedding) among others.

What are you listening to right now? I’d love to get some more recommendations. Add them in the comments section and I’ll give them a listen.