Tutorial - Fluffy Strappy Sandals

Tutorial - Fluffy shoes

While a lot of my shoes are pretty practical, (think boots, brogues and loafers) I'm partial to a beautiful pair of crazy heels in a very impractical colour like white or light pink suede. They just make any outfit more fun and bring some personality to a simple jeans and blazer look.  

Over the years I've cultivated a small but thriving collection of impractical heels, but I think silver strappy sandals complete with white, fluffy marabou trim are in a league of their own.

white fluffy shoes - tutorial

For some, these babies are perhaps a bit too much for regular wear, I hasten to disagree. 

I knew I wanted some fluffy shoes a while back, and saw some amazing designer examples, however, I found it so difficult to find the right sort of thing on the high street.  So I decided to make my own.

Hopefully, this pair don't look too much like they came from Ann Summers. It's a tough line to walk, but I'm pretty happy with the result. 

My shoes were incredibly easy to make. All I started with was a pair of simple strappy heels in a neutral shade, plus a few extras...

What You'll Need:

• Half a metre of marabou trim

• Matching thread

• Scissors

• Measuring tape

• A sharp thin needle

You'll also need a pair of strappy heels in a colour you like, that will work well with the marabou trim you've chosen.

You can pick up a pair like this from almost anywhere on the high street right now, but I got mine from Primark. They were plain silver, with a strap over the ankle and a strap over the toes. They also only cost me £10, which was a plus.

I then got about half a metre of white marabou trim from the market. I chose white, because for one it makes the look feel less 'boudoir,' and two I like the look of the white and silver. (Plus it makes them even more impractical to wear of course.) 

The Steps:

1. Cut the length of marabou the same size as the strap that goes over the toes.

2. Using matching thread to the marabou trim and a fine sharp needle, stitch it to the strap. Start from the underside of the toe strap, beginning at one end and working along. 

I looped the thread over the trim, piercing through the strap back to the underside. I carried this on right to the other side of the strap.

3. If you do get some of the feathers flattened down by the thread, you can pick them out with a needle to hide the thread. 

It sounds like the thread will be visible from the right side of the strap but it isn't at all. You just need to be careful to sew as close to the trim as possible and this should be secure enough to attach it firmly. 

fluffy sandals

These shoes are strictly reserved for dry weather wear! 

So far I've tended to wear them with quite  structured outfits, to save looking like I'm trying to recreate a Barbie fancy dress outfit or something.

My favourite look so far has been a pair of high-waisted, sporty looking trousers, with a silky shirt and some gold jewellery, and surprisingly, my fluffy shes have lasted more than one wear!

Let me know what you think and if you have any outfit ideas then let me know!