My Make Nine for 2017


So if you make things, are on Instagram, or follow sewing and knitting blogs, you’ll probably be way ahead of me and will know all about the Make Nine project. 

Rochelle, of of Lucky Lucille is the lovely lady who thought it up, and basically, makers simply chose nine patterns or items that they know they want to make in 2017 and reveal their choice to the world.

This is by no means a news alert, I’m so late to the party that it’s almost final round time. But ah well, I’m taking part anyway. After all January was such a non-month for me when it came to making anything, so it almost doesn't matter.

When I was deciding what to include in my Make Nine, I had a few things to consider….

I’m getting married in April and we’re going on our honeymoon to Florida straight after, and I know I definitely want to make a few things to take away with me. The weather’s going to be lovely and sunny, (I hope) so even though it will most likely still be cold, wet and windy over here in the UK, I need to plan in some summery sewing before I go. 

Like a lot of other sewers and makers, I have a tendency to gravitate to patterns and fabrics that I’m not going to get a whole load of use out of. I’ve been a lot better recently, and have been focusing more on basics and knits, which I tend to wear more often, so I’m planning to continue in that vein this year with Make Nine.

I’m also planning to make a few more challenging things this year, that I haven’t perhaps considered in the past out of, you know, general fear I suppose. In that sense, I also want to stop worrying about buying slightly more expensive fabrics. I always have this thing in my head where I imagine that I’m going to ruin every nice piece of fabric in my stash - wasting loads of money. But then I just end up with a load of really nice stuff sitting in a box in the cupboard which isn’t really helping anyone. 

So keeping those things in mind, here’s my Make Nine…

1. Ogden Cami 

Ogden Cami - True Bias

For some reason, camisole tops and vest tops are not something I’ve really ever thought to make. I don’t know why particularly, it’s probably because you can buy them so cheaply in any high street shop. However, as I’m trying to make every new garment myself this year, camisole tops are on the list. 

A lot of tops in this style are really unflattering on me, I think it’s something to do with the fact that they are often made for people with a small chest. On me, they are always either tent like, or very very low cut which isn’t great either! 

The Ogden Cami looks like a really flattering cut though, especially with the slight V, and I can see myself making a few for the spring-summer-autumn time. In my head I have a nude/pink version planned and also a simple one in black crepe. 

2. Twice Resistible Ribbed Poncho - Churchmouse Yarns and Teas

Knitted Poncho

I recently saw this pattern on Ravelry and think I’d get a ton of use out of it. 

I have a bit of a confession. I’m sort of copying my new boss at work for this one. She has a beautiful selection of knitwear, including a poncho just like this in grey. So yes I’m either going to knit it up in a light grey or a cream colour which I think will go with a lot of other stuff in my wardrobe.

The pattern comes in two weights - you can either make it in a bulky weight or a 10 ply. I’m thinking 10 ply…

3. Ginger Jeans - Closet Case Patterns

ginger jeans - Closet Case Files

Jeans are something I’ve never made. They seem a bit scary. I’m hoping I’m wrong.

I think I am to be fair, as I’ve seen some really great reviews of these Ginger Jeans, and there are also lots of tips and tutorials on the Closet Case Files website to stop me throwing them across the room in frustration when I realise I don’t know how to do a proper fly zip.

I actually don’t have any blue jeans at all right now, and I do miss the ease of just being able to pull some on and know they’ll go with pretty much anything in my wardrobe, so I’m going to go for a dark indigo coloured denim. 

4. Mimi G Blazer and Trousers Co-ord - Simplicity 1167

Mimi G - Simplicity Pattern

I’ve had this pattern in my stash for an age and I’ve always planned to make it at some point. This year I’ll actually get round to it (hopefully!) 

I love Mimi G’s patterns and have made a few already - she seems to take curves into account a little more than some pattern makers and I appreciate that. Plus she makes everything out of jersey too with I also love. 

I couldn’t get a picture of the other view of this pattern, which shows some ponte cropped capri pants instead of the trouser version in this picture, but I’m thinking of going for the cropped version, with the matching blazer. (Does this count as two things? Ah well!)

Colour-wise I’m still a bit undecided, I think grey would be good, and probably very wearable, but I’m also feeling a light pink, maybe not so wearable.

5. Coral Cardigan - Kim Hargreaves

coral cardigan Kim Hargreaves

Another knitted pattern, this little cardi looks like something I’d get a lot of wear out of, which is essential for knitted things I make, as it takes a lot longer. 

Kim Hargreaves’ patters are always beautiful, the styling, colours, yarns are all so lovely, so it was hard to pick just one. In the end I went for a style that looked wearable and not too difficult. I have some grey/purple coloured yarn that I think would work well here. 

6. Marlborough Bra - Orange Lingerie

Marborough Bra - Orange Lingerie

I’ve never made any lingerie before, I don’t really know why. I think it’s because you need so many different notions and specific bits and bobs - nothing expensive but it puts me off anyway. 

I think I need to get over myself and get the lace, straps and rings and all that, then I’ll hopefully end up with a lovely bra at the end of it! I’m also tempted to make some pants too and Ohh Lulu has a few lovely choices. 

7. A Shacket

Tradlands - Utility Jacket

Okay, so this isn’t strictly a pattern, I haven’t actually found one yet, but I do plan on making a ‘Shacket’ at some point. It’s kind of a cross between a jacket and a shirt and I like the utility feel. I’ve seen some great examples on Tradlands, they are exactly what I want to make myself. They’re also $250 - odd, so there are some perks to being able to sew. Usually you only see this kind of style in the men’s section, and I have seen a men’s Simplicity pattern that might do the job.

My little brother actually has a jacket in this style and I tried on his XS one. It fits pretty well so I’m thinking of making a toile in Simplicity 1328 to see how it comes out. 

8. Bettine Dress - Tilly and the Buttons

Bettine Dress Till and the Buttons

I’ve made many Tilly and the Buttons patterns in the past and they’ve always come out brilliantly! I love the Coco dress and I’ve made a few Agnes tops, so I’m confident that I’m going to love the Bettine dress too. 

I really want a few casual, easy to throw on dresses for the spring, and I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of this sort of style - especially as it has an elasticated waist. I’m thinking of a blue chambray fabric, but it would be great to do one in more of a bright summery viscose or something too. 

9. Midsummer Night’s Dream Dress - Papercut Patterns 

Midsummer Night's Eve Dress - Papercut Patterns

I’ve never actually made any garments from Papercut patterns, but I was looking all over for more of a going out style dress, that wasn’t just a simple shift, and the Midsummer Night’s Dream dress looks perfect. 

I love anything with a wrap style, as I find it way more flattering on my figure, and I think the straps on this one look really cute. Hopefully this is something I can put together before my honeymoon, as I think it will be great for the evening time in the warmer weather.

Fabric-wise, I’m still not sure, but red is what I’m thinking so far…

I’ve noticed that I’ve included quite a lot of outerwear garments here, (four out of nine actually) and that’s probably due to the fact that I currently rotate between a Zara bomber jacket and a black blazer most days. It will probably be good to add a little variety!

Thinking back to this time last year I bet I would have done an incredibly different Make NIne. I mean for one I didn’t knit then, or only made scarves really, and I also think I’ve become a lot more confident with the things I sew, so I’m not too afraid to maybe try something that involves a few new skills like the Ginger Jeans.

I’ve also realised that my Make Nine is made up of selfish sews only, which I hope doesn’t say too much about me as a person. I’ve got a couple of plans up my sleeve for projects for family and friends, but nothing concrete enough to put in my Make Nine. 

Who knows whether I’ll stick to this list religiously, but I’m going to at least try to keep to plan and make all of these garments. I’m sure I’ll add a few extras here and there though.

I’d love to see what everyone else has on their Make Nine lists, so drop me a comment to let me know, or link to your own posts!