Review: Flint Shorts by Megan Nielsen

Flint Shorts - Megan Nielsen

I’ve been wanting to talk about this garment for ages, but as the pattern has only officially been released this week, it’s ended up waiting in the wings.

Now that the lovely Flint pattern has been released by Megan Nielsen, I can finally talk about it without getting myself in trouble. Yay!

Before I get down to the details, I just want to say how much I love this pattern

I'm just laying my cards on the table right here.

The pattern includes both a pair of culottes and a pair of shorts, and you can go and look at it and buy it here.

I applied to be a pattern tester for Megan Nielsen a while ago, and when the Flint pattern arrived in my inbox 6 months ago, I have to say, I wasn’t immediately overwhelmed with excitement. You see, historically I’ve never been a massive fan of the culotte and for some reason, have never got on with patterns for shorts, or for that matter, any ready-to wear shorts on the high street. Seriously I had no shorts that weren’t of the pyjama or gym variety.

So my initial thoughts were that this probably wasn’t going to be a pattern I’d be loving.

Oh how wrong I was.

As I had no shorts, and a honeymoon in Florida coming up (In one month, yay!!) I thought I’d try the Flint shorts. I wanted them to be fairly sturdy, suitable for running around Harry Potter World, getting wet on water rides and walking around beaches, so I chose a chambray, denim-look fabric in a dark blue, that I knew would go with everything and wash well. I think I got the fabric while I was having a wander round Goldhawk road, but I can’t for the life of me remember which shop it was. Anyway, it was about £5.99 per metre, and I got 1.5 metres in total.

Right now it's still pretty cold here in Britain, so I've been wearing them with tights and long sleeved t-shirts, like this Tilly and the Buttons Agnes tee, but when it starts warming up, and when I’m on holiday I do plan to wear them with bare legs and vests.

Megan Nielsen - Flint Shorts

The Construction

The PDF was really simple to put together and the only alteration I made to the pattern was to add a few inches to the leg length. It turned out that I really didn’t need to do this – they were ideal as they were, but as I usually find that ready to wear shorts are more like hot pants these days, (and I’m 5 foot 2!) I thought I’d rather be safe than sorry.

The shorts sit on the natural waist, have nice big pockets, front tucks and in this version, cute little ties at the side, with a button closure at the opposite side. I love the side tie, I think it gives the pattern a bit of a vintage-feel, also, who doesn’t love a good pocket?! All in all I think it took me about 5 hours to make the shorts from start to finish which isn’t too bad considering I’m not a super-speedy sewer.

Overall the instructions were clear and straightforward. I think the only part I needed to scratch my head over for a second or two was the construction of the ties at the side, but this may have just been me having a brain-dead moment.

The Fit

I cut the size M which corresponds to my measurements almost exactly. This has actually never happened before and I almost always need to grade up and down between a few sizes. I’ve never used a Megan Nielsen pattern before, so I don’t know whether this is going to be the case for all of her other designs, But if they’re anything like Flint, they’ll fit like a dream.

As I mentioned above, I originally added on a few inches to the bottom of each leg, which I really didn’t need to do in the end, and ended up cutting it back off. The length recommended is flattering, and sits a few inches above the knee, which is just where I like it!

Flink Shorts - Megan Nielsen

Now that I know how well they fit, and how flattering they feel, I’d definitely make these shorts again. Maybe next time I do I’ll put them together in a brighter colour for the summer, maybe a camel colour, maybe even a print. I love the versions that they have on the Megan Nielsen website, especially the pink.

I’m still not convinced I can pull off culottes. I’m so short that I’m worried they’ll swamp me and make my legs look even shorter than they already are. However, if I do decide to try out a pair, I’ll definitely be using this pattern, as I know it will turn out great and fit me perfectly.

Let me know what you think, and if you've tried the Flint pattern then make sure you link me to your makes - I'd love to be nosey.