How To Make A Tassel

How To Make A Tassel

I've got to be honest with you, I love a tassel. Whether it's on a knitting project like a shawl, on the edges of cushions, or many tassels strung together to make a modern alternative to bunting, I love 'em all. Thats why I thought I'd share this tutorial with you, to show you how to make your own tassel out of yarn or wool. 

It's a simple tutorial and one that's also suitable for children to have a go at too (as long as you're supervising the scissors of course). There are lots of different methods of making tassels, but I think this is the most straightforward and leaves you with a nice fat tassel you can use for almost anything. 

You can also swap out the yarn and use string, embroidery thread, strips of fabric, ribbons and almost anything else you have around the home. A mixture of all the above would create a really interesting tassel as well.

What you'll need

How to make a tassel
  • A selection of scrap yarn. You can use one colour or mix colours and weights. In this example, I've combined different colours and included a mix of DK and aran weight yarns. Wool and acrylic.
  • Scissors, any will do.
  • A ruler or tape measure.
making a tassel

In this example, my finished tassel measures about 10cm, but you can make yours any size you like. 

How To Make Your Tassel

Step One

large tassel

You'll need to cut lots of strands of yarn, all around 30cm long. The easiest way to do this is to measure one piece against your ruler and use this piece as a guide to cut the rest. Remember to mix colours, textures and weights for an interesting look.


Tip: There are no rules as to how many strands you need, but the more strands you have, the fluffier and fatter your tassel will be. 

Step Two

large wool tassel

Once you have all your strands, cut another strand of aprox 30cm, and lay this behind the yarn across the centre of the rest, so that you're creating a cross. 

Tip: It's best to use a skinnier strand of yarn for this step. 

Step 3

DIY tassel

Tie the single strand in a tight knot twice. Fold all the multi-coloured strands in half so that the knot is at the tip of the tassel.  This forms the top of the tassel, which allows you to hang it up. 

Tassel Tutorial

Tip: It looks a little like a jellyfish (or a tampon) right now, but in the next step, it will look a lot more recognisable!

Step 4

Make a yarn tassel

Hold this knotted strand out of the way. Cut another piece of yarn about 30cm, and position it at a right angle again, behind the rest of the tassel. This time however, you don't want to put this in the middle, you want to place it near the top of the tassel, (near the knotted end). 

Step 5

Knit Tassel

Wrap the strand around the tassel and tie it in a few tight knots. 

Tip: If you use a skinnier yarn, this will blend in a lot better once you've tied the knots. 

Step 6

How to make a tassel

Hold the tassel up and decide how long you want it to be. I thought mine looked best at 10cm, so I trimmed all the strands at the bottom so that they were  even. 

DIY tassel

And that's pretty much it! You can now hang your DIY woollen tassel up in your home, or use them on projects. I recently made the Ohra Shawl and this was exactly what I did to make the large tassel to hang at the tip of the shawl. 

Ohra Shawl Tassel

Let me know if you have any questions - I'd love to see how you use your tassels in your home!