The Saticoy Hat Review From A Bee In The Bonnet

Saticoy Hat

It’s hard to find a more satisfying knitting project than a hat.

Not only are they something I know I’ll use, but they knit up quick, are a great way to try out some new techniques on a small scale, and are pretty cost effective when it comes to buying yarn. 

I recently had the opportunity to test knit a new hat pattern for A Bee In The Bonnet and I wanted to share the experience and finished hat with you all. 

Test knit - Saticoy

Lauren from A Bee In The Bonnet has some truly gorgeous patterns already, (I’m particularly in love with the Laurel Hat and it’s cute little pom poms!) so I knew that The Saticoy Hat would be something I’d really like. 

The Pattern Spec

A Bee In The Bonnet

The Saticoy Hat pattern is a beanie made up in DK weight yarn. It has a twisted rib section at the brim and then moves onto a repeated lacework section, which is truly gorgeous. 

The pattern requires two types of needles, a pair of 3.75mm and a pair of 4.5mm circulars. 3.75mm was one size I didn’t have already, so I got a set from Wool Warehouse; I can tell you, waiting for them to arrive was very difficult! 

The Yarn 

saticoy - a bee in the bonnet

As the pattern only calls for one ball of DK weight yarn, I used some that I already had in my stash, and have used for a number of products already. 

Sublime baby cashmere silk is a beautifully smooth yarn, that shows off any stitch pattern really well, that’s why I thought it would lend itself nicely to this project. I think it was a good choice, as the pattern of the lace stands out a lot more than I think it would in something with more of a halo. 

Grey is my favourite neutral and goes with almost everything in my wardrobe, but I’m also tempted to knit this up in a bright colour, like an orange or yellow, to really make it stand out. 

Although the pattern only calls for one ball of wool. I used a little of a second ball that l I had in my stash. I don’t know if my gauge on the lacework sections is looser, but I’d suggest keeping a back up skein in case you run out last minute. 

The Process

Saticoy - a bee in the bonnet

Overall, I think this is one of my favourite knits. It was a little bit of a challenge for me, as I’ve done very little lace knitting in the past, but I’m so pleased that I went for it. The instructions looked a bit daunting, and at first, I couldn’t see how it was going to work. However, after a few more rows, I could start to see the lace pattern developing. 

saticoy hat

It was a pretty fat knit too - taking about a week of laid-back knitting all together. I’d definitely recommend it - especially if you’re thinking of making one for friends or family for Christmas. It looks really impressive and cute, but takes little time and materials. 

Here’s where you can find the patter on Ravelry - Click Here

I’m looking forward to what Lauren releases next…

Saticoy Hat Review